The Queens Trade Show

It is without question one of my favourites. Royal Windsor Horse Show. From an exhibitor’s point of view, it is clean, well-organised and has hot showers. What a delight! I was on hand to help long term client Thunderbrook Equestrian again this year. Stock out, brand new stand layout. We were ready. With shows on the brain I thought I’d share a few tips for having a good’un!

1. Plan in advance, you’ll reduce your last minute set up stress by a mile if you just make sure you have started planning your stand at least 12 weeks before you close the trailer ready to leave. This means you need a plan for layout, staffing, stock, special offers, social media event build up and more. Brainstorm with your team to capture everything and make sure your investment is worth every penny

2. Pick your pitch well. Look at the other bookings, demos and activities across the whole site. Look for where people will likely walk and make sure you book a site that gets maximum footfall but that doesn’t clutter up at certain times of the day.

3. Have an activity for your stand. Make it fun and interactive if you can. It’ll bring people in and help them engage with you and your product. Better still, let that activity lead to a sign up to your newsletter. Data (with their permission of course) is that added value to your investment further down the line.

4. Finally, always autopsy your event. I like to make notes as I discover things have been forgotten or have worked better or worse than I thought. I can then amend my set up and planning to ensure it goes a smoothly as possible for the next one.

And…I got to see Charlotte & Carl bag 1st and 2nd in the Freestyle Grand Prix. Fantastic!

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