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How can Ravensford Consultancy help you & your business?
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Individual coaching for sole traders or fledgling small business.

Ravensford Consultancy’s All rounder Ambition. This is a 12 month program of coaching designed to give you all of the support and knowledge you need to create, reinvigorate and then grow your business. Using corporate techniques and experience to help you become a strong all rounder for your company. You will receive monthly modules & exercises to develop your business and increase your skill base as well as one to one tailored client led support. 

Business services for small/medium companies

I provide a number of services on a freelance basis. This is for those who wish to bring experience to their company but without bringing on a full-time member of the team. This is also suitable for companies who find they have seasonal peaks. Roles include product training, site visits, writing & delivering presentations, trade show attendance and technical writing. Please note I am currently fully booked for this service.

Consultancy for Corporations

I offer flexible consultancy contracts for larger companies. This is to be able to deliver projects of a specific nature that call for both a corporate and industry experience. I have previously written and delivered on subjects including customer service, education & training, operations, animal welfare and sales. Please note I am fully booked until Oct 2018.

Who can I help?

Hoof trimmers, pet shops, artists, saddle fitters, nutritionists, dog walkers, kennels and catteries, physiotherapists, farriers, livery yards, professional riders, aquatic services, aquaculture, complimentary therapists, retailers, pet product providers, photographers, auditors, agricultural suppliers, dog groomers, feed merchants, pet sitters, riding schools, animal breeders, aquarists, zoo, wildlife parks, vets, medical products, course providers, zoopharmacognosy, horse trainers, pet spa, secure walking, animal behaviourists, grooms, riding instructors, hydrotherapy centers, charities, reiki healers, cat grooming, home boarders and more.

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Contact Us! It will only take a minute